Meet the Author
   George Stastny
   George Stastny was born, raised, educated and lived in Prague in communist Czechoslovakia. Since his childhood, he was interested and involved in many hobbies, including sports, music, building things, etc. His dream was to always be a professional artist, but under the communist regime, he was educated as an electrician and mechanic. He started to work in an electronics factory, but it was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He soon found, in his mid-twenties, a job in a construction company where he developed many skills that were very helpful for his final occupation – being an artist. But being an artist didn't happen in Czechoslovakia. In 1980, when he was 36 years old, George escaped with his family (wife and two small children) through the Iron Curtain to the free part of the world. After being in a refugee camp in Austria and going through all the required procedures, he became a legal immigrant to the United States. Eventually, in 1987, he became a proud U.S. citizen. In this country he was able to employ all his skills and experience, developing his life-long dream of having an art business. He hand carved/chiseled large planters and fountains for upscale landscaping. He created an extensive and exclusive garden gallery for displaying his work with his studio in the middle of it.

It is easy to say words like, "I escaped from communism through the Iron Curtain," or "I started my own art business," but in reality, none of this was easy at all. It required determination, discipline, courage, dedication, a little bit of a crazy mind, and some good luck. It took years of very hard work and preparation as well as an enormous risk. It took a RISK FOR FREEDOM.

By reading this book, you will enjoy hearing George telling his story in detail. It will educate you, inspire you, entertain you, and it will make you appreciate and protect your own freedom!
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