Readers' Comments
WOW! Your book arrived Friday -- I read Friday night and completed it Sunday. What an accomplishment. And yes, too many Americans take their freedom for granted and have no clue what others go through - You certainly have talent, George, lots of it and all put to good use. So glad you picked the U.S. as your new home. A very inspiring book, well done, nice job. Glad you pursued with it. A.K., Connecticut  
The book is FABULOUS! J.B., Oregon
(A hand drawn flag on the envelope with the blue field empty) This blue is for our Union. I have kept it blue for your star, George. You are the immigrants we so desperately need! I do not even need to read the book for me to know that, while you came from the former Czechoslovakia, you are 100% AMERICAN! T.S., California
I finished reading Risk For Freedom. I immensely enjoyed reading it and could hardly put it down. You are a brave, courageous, hard working, talented man, George, and I am proud to have made your acquaintance. You certainly have been through a lot in your lifetime, and I am so glad you wrote the book to tell your story. For a man whose native language is not English, you did a magnificent job of writing your story in a compelling, even, smooth, clear manner. I loved your little asides and your sharing the deep emotion you experienced as you recalled the details of those very special days and moments in your past. In every way you can be proud of the book and of the life you have lived, George. B.T., New York
I have not yet finished reading your book, but please let me thank you for writing it. We native-born Americans have no idea what life COULD be like in other situations - like the one you lived and write about. I have seen and heard enough from others to know you are telling the truth - the way it really was. Congratulations on your courage and your achievements. These words are not adequate. J.K., California
I finished your book in record time - I didn't get any sleep for 24 hours because I was reading the whole time! I could hardly wait to give you my highest compliments. I loved the book, and I admire you. J. R., Oregon
Your book, as far as I am concerned, is one of the most important books to be read by Americans today. I feel as if I know you and I am only half way through the book. What a read. I feel as if I am in your house drinking coffee and lunching while you tell me stories of your life. S. J., Washington
My wife and I finished reading your book, and I want you to sign 30 more books for me that I am buying to give away to everyone in our family as well as to friends. Everybody needs to know the value of freedom. The book is excellent and we thank you and admire you for it. R.D. and L.D., Oregon

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